About IL

Laura lives in Central Florida with her miniature dachshund, Redbug.

In 2008, Laura learned to cross-stitch. Prolifically creating many needlework pieces for friends and family, she became frustrated at the need to create french knots for more detailed and intricate designs. After reading a tip in an online forum about using beads in place of french knots, Laura was ecstatic and began using simple seed beads in a variety of colors to replace french knots  called for in a needlework design.

In 2011, Laura started to design her own needlework patterns and explore more creative, alternate options to seed beads as replacements for french knots in cross-stitch patterns. There wasn’t much. And what options she did find were…rather uninspiring and unoriginal. It seemed to be much of the same thing over and over again. Honestly, it left Laura feeling uninspired and uninterested in creating new cross-stitch pieces.¬†

A few years later, in 2016, Laura stumbled upon YouTube videos of crafting with polymer clay. Her attention was drawn instantly to artists like Heather Wells and Creative Rachy. She also learned that polymer clay could be used to create beads. Of any size.

And thus, Imperfectly Laura was created. Along with miniature beads and tiny charms perfect for adorning needlework, Laura also creates slightly larger jewelry charms available individually, as part of a charm bracelet, a necklace or as a set of earrings.