What is polymer clay? How do you make your charms?

Polymer clay is a pliable, sculpting medium that hardens once baked. I use a variety of methods to make my charms. I mostly mold different shapes by hand, sometimes with the help of a miniature cookie cutter.

Do you offer custom charms?

I am unable to create custom charms at this time. You can, however, customize a charm bracelet with up to six different charms using the various charms available on the site.

Do you sell wholesale?

No. I hope to be able to sell wholesale in the future but at this time it’s just not feasible for me to do so.

Are your charms water resistant?

Yes, they are water resistant. I do not advise wearing them to swim but they can handle the occasional rainstorm.

What are your return/exchange policies?

Click here to see our refund policy, which also covers the return/exchange policies here at Imperfectly Laura.